//2017 Annual Student Energy Conference in Zagreb

2017 Annual Student Energy Conference in Zagreb

SPE AU SC has always pushed forwards by giving its members numerous opportunities of traveling abroad and participating in international competitions. Yet again, SPE has not disappointed its members, and, in return, its members have contributed tremendously to the process.
On the 8th of March seven of SPE members flew to Croatia to join ASEC 2017 (Annual Student Energy Conference) and participate in the Paper Contest and Poster session.
Mohammed Ashour Tahmawy, Dina Mostafa, Rama Mohamed , Andro Ramsis , Nada Ibrahim , Omar El-shawarby & Ahmed Assem Ellakany
Fortunately, they returned back with victory and they were up to our expectations.
We would like to congratulate our chapter’s volunteers Nada Ibrahim and Omar Elshawarby for winning 2nd place in the paper contest conducted during ASEC, for presenting a paper entitled “Fuel cell Technology”.
Not only that, but we are also honoured to announce that Ahmed Assem won 2nd place in the poster session, for presenting about “Updraft Gasifier for Biomass Drived Producer Gas” project.
Thank you Nada, Omar and Ahmed for making us proud.