SPE’s Energy4me program values the role teachers and energy professionals play in educating young people about the importance of energy. Energy4me program is designed to make an impact with website resources, teacher development and speaker programs www.energy4me.org The program recognizes the need to provide factual non-biased information that can be easily used in classrooms around the globe. The objective of the Energy4Me Alexandria University program is to educate students age 8 to 18 about the energy industry, and engage them at a young age in order to encourage further studies in math and science to ensure that Egypt’s future workforce, servicing the Oil & Gas industry, consists of an Egyptian National majority

Energy4me Alexandria Background

Since the day energy4me Alexandria was launched and our team which consists of a group of very inspiring & intellectual instructors engineering students with the leader: Marwan Essam and then followed by the leader- and the current one - Shereen Hany , insisted on one aim which is getting the largest number of school students (8-18years) to the field of energy in a different exciting way and to open their minds to the world greatest current concern which is the renewable sources of energy , so our curriculum includes a number of marvelous sessions covering all the topics about the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and because practical experiments have its huge impact on children so we provide them a lot of funny experiments that bring our sessions to the real life in an interesting way , and we are still working on getting our dream to more light

Recent Events

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Young People’s Library
E4me team participated in the Bibliotheca’s Summer school which is organized every year for the students aged 12 to 15 years, our work was done in 2 days separately.
Date: 13th July 2017 and 18th July 2017.
Location: Bibliotheca Alexandrina Young People’s Library
Stages: Middle, Senior.
Number of Participating Students: 35 students.
Time of each session: 30 minutes.
Sessions given: Solar energy, Wind energy, Electricity, Hydro-power.

Children’s University Season 3
Under the supervision of Dr. Dina Elgayar, SPE AUSC faculty advisor, E4me team organized a 3 days program, for the students participating in the Children’s University activities during their visit to Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering. The program was classified into 3 days for 2 groups aged between 11-12 years and 14-15 years. The 1st day was for the younger group, which started by the welcoming speeches of Dr. Abd Elaziz Konsowa and Dr. Dina Elgayar, followed by a general tour in the campus. The tour included visiting The Faculty Central Library, Production Department and Administrative Building. After the tour, students attended E4me sessions; Introduction to Energy, Solar energy, Wind energy. Finally, they visited the solar panels installed in the campus, to have an actual view of what we gave in the session. The 2nd day was having the same agenda as the 1st one, but for the elder group with the sessions; All about water, Petroleum and Nuclear energy. In parallel, the younger group had a visit to the Architectural Designs then spent a long period in the Chemical Engineering Lab trying various chemical experiments. The 3rd day the elder group had a very long fruitful visit in the Chemical Engineering lab and tried a lot of practical experiments to show them the difference between the chemical reactions.
Date: 7th, 8th and 9th of August 2017.
Location: Faculty of Engineering-Alexandria university.
Stages: 11-12 years, 14-15 years.
Number of Students: 35 students.
Time of each session: 45 minutes.
Sessions given for 11-12 years group: Introduction to Energy, Solar energy, Wind energy.
Sessions given for 14-15 years group: All about water, Petroleum, Nuclear Energy.