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SPE Cares Description

SPE Cares is a community service program initiated by Society of Petroleum Engineers aiming at promoting, supporting and participating in charitable, educational, humanitarian and social community services on both the section and student chapter levels. This program has been created mainly to raise the global awareness towards all the man-made environmental risks. SPE Cares Alexandria University program is divided into three main projects which are: teaching, supplies & provisions and environmental protection. Every project has its project manager under the supervision of the program manager.


The teaching project has two main goals to achieve. The first is to spread the knowledge and help raise the educational level among the unfortunate children. The second goal is to shed lights on all the environmental risks our mother nature is facing due to all the pollutions mankind is responsible for. This project consists mainly of skilled instructors who have the ability to make an impact on the childrens’ souls and minds.


This project fundamentally focuses on collecting, managing and delivering all kinds of supplies to the unfortunate provinces. Whether by fund raising or collecting charitable materials, this project will make use of all the chapters’ manpower to make sure all the provisions acquired are delivered to the right hands.

Environmental Protection

In this project it is all about hands-on impact on the surrounding environment in the city, everything that considers altering all we see around us from inconsiderate acts and habits is this project’s responsibility. Such as Supplies & Provisions project, this project embraces the chapter’s manpower to achieve its goals. Some examples on the project responsibilities are: planting flora, replenishment of parks, cleaning beaches, finding solutions to the garbage problem, collecting & recycling of trash, saving stray animals and encouraging the society to take a part in protecting the environment.